Spark good
conversation & create memories...

Dementia Careblazers presents, MEMORY LANE. Just because your loved one has dementia, doesn't mean that you can't have meaningful and enjoyable conversations. Borrowing from a technique called reminiscence therapy, these cards will help bring out your loved one's long term memories so you can take a trip down memory lane. Watch as your loved one shares stories and memories from the past. Whether on the phone or in person, these cards can help you look forward to talking with your loved one with dementia.


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    Dr. Natali

    Hi! I'm Dr. Natali- a board certified geropsychologist and the founder of Dementia Careblazers, LLC. My mission in life is to ensure family members have easy access to trustworhty dementia information and support. I've taken what I've learned from over 13 years of clinical practice and created this card deck to help

    spark meaningful and enjoyable conversations between you and your loved one with dementia. It's easy for caregiving to take over most of the day, that we lost sight of opportunities for connections. The questions on these cards can even be used to help make caregiving tasks like bathing and going to bed more smooth.

    NAtali Edmonds

    Creator of Dementia Careblazers, LLC